AR&O Services

Organizations search for ways to counter insider threats.

CEO’s spend most of their security resources on cyber defenses alone without considering other critical processes to detect, to deter, and to mitigate internal and external threats to personnel and critical value data.

AR&O offers program elements that can be scaled and combined to meet client needs.  We work closely with organizations to protect their crown jewels: personnel, operations, holdings, and data.

We offer the following services:

Program Development and Operation

We have built and operated multiple counter insider threat programs across commercial and government entities. Insider threat program success begins with company leadership targeting clearly defined outcomes. We work with you to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Assemble an insider threat team including representatives from the C-suite, Security, IT, CIO, CISO, General Counsel, Civil liberties, Privacy, Operations, HR, Admin, CEO, and PR
  • Identify and target appropriate outcomes
  • Develop and distribute supporting policies and procedures
  • Create and operate insider threat program functions and analytical processes

Training and Awareness

Insider threat programs require support from all employees. Preemptive action includes initial and periodic refresher training for all personnel. Throughout our careers, we have trained thousands of employees, senior leaders, and C-suite personnel how to recognize, to report, and to counter insider threats. Training includes the following actions:

  • Table top exercises
  • Workforce awareness
  • Establishing external links with appropriate Federal, State and local agencies

Insider Threat Risk Assessments

Risk assessments target physical and virtual arenas. Most organizations fail to identify clearly those crown jewels they want to protect. AR&O will help you to ascertain

  • Key personnel, operations, holdings, and data
  • Intrusions and consequences
  • Appropriate responses to threats


AR&O consultants have decades of experience and can assist you to counter insider threats, to conduct counterintelligence operations, and to manage cyber security operations. Our consultations are best performed on site but are also accomplished by phone or teleconference, depending on client requirements and urgency.