AR&O Leadership

Keith A. Lowry
President and CEO, AR&O LLC

Keith draws on a lifetime of experience to understand and counter insider threats.

Beginning with his entry into the U.S. Intelligence Community in 1984, he has spent over 34 years in designing, developing, implementing, operating, and directing insider threat programs and operational intelligence enterprises. His expertise includes developing US national and departmental policies and doctrine as well as representing the US Government in creating emergent international partnerships.

Most recently he spent over three years as a commercial sector senior vice-president responsible for creating, developing, and delivering counter insider threat, cyber security, and counterintelligence programs to world-wide commercial and governmental clients.

security analyst

His resume includes leading the insider threat and counterintelligence program at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Chief of counterintelligence strategy development and publication for the US Government, Chief of Staff to the Under Secretary of Defense for Human Intelligence, Counterintelligence and Security at the Pentagon, and head of Department of Defense intelligence collection operations in East Africa. He is a retired US Navy Captain and combat veteran.

He is a former law enforcement officer and high-technology crime unit detective in San Jose, California. He led investigations in unauthorized computer accesses, forensic computer searches, computer and component theft, trade secret and intellectual property theft, physical security program shortcomings, and countering insider threats.