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The Insider Threat Challenge

Insider threats are mounting, and countering those threats is fast becoming the greatest challenge organizations face today. From on-site active assailant to protecting critical value data stored in the cyber sphere, senior leadership everywhere questions how best to prepare and to respond.

Most responders consider insider threats from a cyber security perspective only. Organizations, however, must also include active assailant and other harmful scenarios in which employees may be wittingly or unwittingly involved. 

AR&O’s world-class experience is uniquely positioned to protect an organization’s crown jewels of personnel, operations, holdings, and data.   

AR&O professionals can assist organizations to develop, to coordinate, and to deploy counter insider threat programs.  Successful programs begin with the C-suite representing Operations, Administration, Human Resources, General Counsel, IT, CIO, CISO, Security, Civil Liberties, Privacy, and Public Relations. Working with these key players, AR&O customizes counter insider threat programs to target corporate aims and outcomes.

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AR&O is partnered with Golden Seal Enterprises, a world class company specializing in Executive Security, Investigations, and Training Services.

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